Commitment, Camaraderie & Conservation in Salt Lake City

We recently returned to Salt Lake City for the Backyard Collective. The occasion was weeks in the planning with a truly cooperative effort from Nathan Kuder, Black Diamond Category Director, Julia Geisler, Executive Director of Salt Lake Climbers Alliance, and Jessie Walther, Executive Director of Cottonwood Canyons Foundation.

On May 30th, we were joined by a small group of hearty volunteers from PRO BARAtomic, Gregory PacksPetzlSalomonSuunto Black Diamond and for a day of volunteer action in two locations well-loved by outdoor enthusiasts.



At Ferguson Canyon, volunteers built belay terraces and stepped paths along a very popular climber route. With grit and good cheer, the cross organizational team accomplished the day's objectives improving the area for all to enjoy.


A few miles away at Little Cottonwood Canyon, volunteers worked together to "purge the spurge". Ten large bags of invasive Myrtle Spurge, also known as donkey tail, were pulled in total.

After the day's goals were accomplished, volunteers returned to Black Diamond for a hosted happy hour and Volunteer Fair with representatives from Southern Utah Wilderness AllianceSave Our CanyonsUtah Rivers Council, and Cottonwood Canyons Foundation.

Black Diamond CEO Peter Metcalf gave an inspiring talk to the group that focused on the importance of taking personal responsibility as stewards of wild places. We also welcomed Jules Lambert, PRO BAR President as one of our newest member companies to the event.

Many thanks to Nathan Kuder, Laura Gibbons and the rest of the Black Diamond team for their extraordinary hospitality. We are also grateful to Uintah/Squatters for providing beer, everyone who contributed great gear to the raffle/event swag and to all of our participating member companies and their exemplary employees.

Our next event is planned for June 25th in our Central Oregon Backyard!

(photos courtesy of Nathan Kuder and Lauren Debell)