Favorites on Friday: National Park Service Designates National Recreation Trail in Ventura, CA

Kate Laramendy of Horny Toad, based in Santa Barbara, shared some exciting news with us this week about a success in her own backyard.

On Saturday, June 7, the Ventura River Parkway Trail was designated as a National Recreation Trail last Saturday. Horny Toad is one of several member companies that participated in two Backyard Collective eventsthat took place along the Ventura River Trail.  This is one of 20 trails added this year to the 1200 total recreation trails designated by the National Park Service (NPS).

Here’s what Kate had to say:

“The dedication was on Saturday and local supporters, volunteers, participating environmental groups and city, county & state politicians were present. A representative from the NPS read a personalized letter from secretary of the interior,Sally Jewell. The trail connects the Pacific Ocean at the mouth of the Ventura River to the mountains in Ojai. Over 100 tons of trash and invasive arundo (giant bamboo) have been removed. It’s clean and beautiful and the habitat is happily rebounding. Fishing for steelhead is not too far away.

The first time we were deep down in the river bottom with the BYC we did a major 5 ton clean-up of encampments and detritus from questionable activities that had been festering there; the second year included trail building, signage, more invasive plant lopping and planting of willows.”