Outstanding Partnership Award: Black Diamond Equipment & Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance

Black Diamond gets a high-five from The Conservation Alliance team for their outstanding partnership with Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance.  We applaud BD’s commitment to the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, an organization focused on preserving Utah’s remaining desert wild lands, known collectively as America’s redrock wilderness.

Deeda Seed, from Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, tells the story of how the Black Diamond employees contributed to a major victory for the organization:

“Black Diamond has consistently and courageously been a partner in working to protect Utah’s wild places.  In particular, Black Diamond has stood with the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance with undaunted advocacy for protection of Utah’s redrock wilderness.  The company has manifested this commitment in every way that matters. They have made financial contributions to our work, they have invited us on a regular basis to meet with employees to educate them about the issues, and they have taken action to advocate for protection.

A recent notable example was when they showed up at a rally to protest oil and gas leasing in the San Rafael Swell with a full bus load of Black Diamond employees and signs they had made that said “No Wells in the Swell” – this action helped secure a victory, as the Bureau of Land Management withdrew from sale, the leases it was offering on wild land in the Swell.  In addition, the Black Diamond CEO, Peter Metcalf, has demonstrated incredible leadership.  He testified at a Congressional hearing in support of the America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act, he’s taken on anti-wilderness policies promoted by several Utah governors and he’s written numerous op-eds in support of the redrock.  Most importantly, he and his company really believe what they say and he takes every public opportunity given to him to advocate for the protection of Utah’s wild lands.

Having Black Diamond Equipment as a partner in advocating for protection of Utah’s redrock wilderness has been enormously important to our work. They provide a strong voice from the outdoor industry perspective, demonstrating the economic value of wilderness, as well as the social value.”