Ambassador Profile: Mary Maliff, Director at The Forest Group

Conservation Alliance Ambassadors are key influencers and leaders in the outdoor industry, and they serve as a conduit for spreading the word about Conservation Alliance programs and grantee activities within their respective companies.  They volunteer their time, going above and beyond the duties of their full-time jobs at member companies.  Our ambassadors are passionate outdoor enthusiasts, and exceptional people. 
Today, we’d like you to meet Mary Maliff, Director at The Forest Group in Lotus, CA. She has been an active volunteer for The Conservation Alliance since 2010.

What made you want to be an Ambassador for The Conservation Alliance? 

Since I started my job, The Forest Group and The Conservation Alliance have and continue to partner closely. Between the Conservation Alliance’s mission and the wonderful team, it is easy to want to pitch in and help in any way possible. It is a very rewarding feeling to be a part of the good work being done. Not to mention, this is also a lot of fun and there is a great community surrounding the Conservation Alliance.
Where would you like to see The Alliance in another 25 years from now? 
I would love to see every business who prides themselves as a company in the outdoor industry a member of the Conservation Alliance. Can you even begin to imagine the impact that could have on our wild spaces to have that much support and resources put towards the conservation community every year?  Also, seeing firsthand the impact the Conservation Alliance has already had in our Washington D.C. trips, it would be great to see the Conservation Alliance playing a larger political role and voice on behalf of the outdoor industry.
What areas of conservation are you most passionate about? 
I have to echo what a few of my fellow ambassadors have called out already regarding this question; preservation and access are extremely important to me. We need to protect our wilderness for ourselves and future generations, but also need the ability for everyone to interact with and gain from the benefits nature offers.  As a former raft guide and outdoor educator I have witnessed many times over how quickly a person can bond with a space and how even the shortest adventure can alter a life for the better.
Favorite outdoor activity?
While climbing has recently taken up more of my time and energy, absolutely nothing beats floating down the river with good friends and good dogs.
Favorite Wilderness or national park?
I have yet to find a place that rivals Yosemite for its pure natural awe and beauty.
Words of motivation to get others inspired:
Get educated and get involved.  Be it on a local level or larger, you absolutely  have the ability to make a positive impact.