Ambassador Spotlight: Caroleigh Pierce, Outreach Manager at Klean Kanteen

Conservation Alliance Ambassadors are key influencers and leaders in the outdoor industry, and they serve as a conduit for spreading the word about Conservation Alliance programs and grantee activities within their respective companies.  They volunteer their time, going above and beyond the duties of their full-time jobs at member companies.  Our ambassadors are passionate outdoor enthusiasts, and exceptional people. 
Today, we’d like you to meet Caroleigh Pierce, Outreach Manager at Klean Kanteen in Chico, CA. Caroleigh was one of the first ambassadors to join our ambassador program. In addition to being an internal advocate for The Conservation Alliance, she demonstrates her commitment to our organization by organizing fundraising events at Outdoor Retailer. She will also be joining us for lobby training in Washington, DC in April, 2016. 
What made you want to be an Ambassador for The Conservation Alliance?
My work as the Outreach Manager at Klean Kanteen the past few years has really reconnected me with my love of the natural world. When I learned about the opportunity to be a part of the Conservation Alliance and use my personal and business voice to have an impact on policy and conservation, I jumped at the chance. I am so proud to be a part of this network of brands that are committed to support policies and fund projects that are protecting the places we live and play.
What areas of conservation are you most passionate about?
I’m passionate about balance. Restoration, conservation and access all have their place in our country and in our future. Although I know how vital it is to get people out doors to get and stay connected, I love the thought of keeping some places wild and untouched by humans. We don’t need to touch it to know it’s there.
Favorite outdoor activity?
Right now I’m loving being a day hiker. My husband and I have made a commitment to get outside more without the toys and slow down a bit so we can use all of our senses to take it all in. I’ve made a bucket list of National Parks and beautiful spaces recommended by friends and family in this amazing country that I want to experience. We hiked Zion after summer OR this past August and it was amazing. I think I found a new post-OR tradition!
Favorite Wilderness or National Park?
Plumas National Forest has always been my family playground; summers at Lake Almanor and winters at our family cabin in LaPorte, Ca. It’s where I caught my first trout, sled down my first snow-covered hill, fell in love with the smell of pine trees mixed with campfire, and saw more stars than I could ever count.
Most eye opening experience for the need of conservation.
In my role at Klean Kanteen I’ve been able to travel and see some incredible places over the past few years. I’ve also been witness to plastic pollution and the effects it creates on the ecosystem including rivers that flow backwards filled with fish that we can’t eat and struggle to reproduce because they are so toxic. This summer I participated in an expedition with The 5 Gyres Institute sailing from the Bahamas to Bermuda. I experienced the most incredible beaches and water in shades of blue I’ve never seen before. Every place we visited and every sample we tested had plastic present. This solidified my commitment to protecting these places. The places we have been before and those where we long to go.
End Quote: Words of motivation to get others inspired.
We all have a role and a voice in conservation. We bring to the table a unique set of skills to contribute to the conversation and help create change. Find your passion, your purpose, your place in protecting these wild and wonderful places.