2017 Outstanding Partnership Awards

The Conservation Alliance 2017 Outstanding Partnership Awards recognize three member companies who go above and beyond in their support of and relationship building with Conservation Alliance grantees. Each year, awards are granted to member companies with the purpose of rewarding and encouraging direct engagement between member companies and grantees in efforts to move forward Conservation Alliance funded projects. The 2017 awards were given to Kahtoola, Kelty, and Zappos.
Kahtoola played a huge role in helping Grand Canyon Wildlands Council with their Greater Grand Canyon Heritage National Monument Campaign. Founder and owner Danny Giovale stepped up in every imaginable form, from op-eds, DC calls and fly-ins, presenting the proposal to local business leaders, and exploring and filming, to being title sponsor of the inaugural RumbleX event. Kahtoola is a powerhouse of support.
Kelty has helped amplify the Conservation Colorado message by hosting lunch-and-learn events with their staff, helping recruit volunteers, and signing a letter of support for the Continental Divide Campaign. Kelty helped Conservation Colorado reach their goals of outreach and engagement by sharing content on social media and recruiting supporters.
Zappos helped Friends of Nevada Wilderness and Friends of Gold Butte move the Gold Butte National Monument Campaign forward. Zappos is a large employer in Las Vega and worked in collaboration with KEEN to make the Gold Butte campaign more welcoming to other Nevada based businesses – showcasing the economic benefit of protected public land on local economies.
A special thanks to Conservation Alliance member Kiitella for donating the awards.