Six New Members Join the Leading Edge Program

We’re pleased to welcome six new members to our Leading Edge program.  This program provides individuals with an opportunity to make a significant contribution to support The Conservation Alliance’s efforts to protect wild places throughout North America for their recreation and habitat values.  Members of The Leading Edge have committed to contributing $5,000 to The Conservation Alliance annually for a minimum of three years. Most are either founders of The Conservation Alliance, or have served on the organization’s board of directors. The initial Leading Edgers are: Yvon Chouinard; Steve and Nona Barker; Sally McCoy; Peter Metcalf; Adam Forest; Rory Fuerst; Matt Hyde; Steve Meineke; Steve Rendle; Kirk Richardson; and Casey Sheahan.
Our new 2017 Leading Edge members include:

  • Bill Kulczycki
  • Rose Marcario
  • Michael Pfotenhauer and Diane Wren
  • Todd Spaletto
  • Jerry Stritzke
  • Beaver and Pam Theodosakis

The Leading Edge is now open to anyone who is interested in supporting The Conservation Alliance. Donors may direct their contributions to either the organization’s grant fund (to directly support conservation projects), or to the discretionary fund (to help cover The Conservation Alliance’s lean operating expenses).  Please contact John Sterling (john at to learn more.