SUCCESS! Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Unlocks Access to 26,000 Acres

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has completed the Falls Creek acquisition, permanently protecting 442 acres in Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front. This property includes Falls Creek Trailhead and trail, and 44 acres of riparian habitat along two miles of streams. The previously inaccessible Falls Creek Trail improves access to 26,000 acres of public land used for hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, horseback riding and other non-motorized recreation. This area is also prime habitat for sensitive species such as the grizzly bear, hoary bat, Black-backed Woodpecker, Clark’s Nutcracker, and Ferruginous Hawk, and it is home to big game species such as elk, mule and white-tailed deer, black bear and mountain lion. The 442-acre parcel was conveyed to the Forest Service to be managed as part of the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest.
Funding from The Conservation Alliance was awarded to Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to acquire Falls Creek in early 2019.  We’re excited to add this project to the list of 2019 conservation victories!