#OurWildFuture Video Series: Steamboat Creek Steelhead Sanctuary

Frank and Jeanne Moore are decades-long stewards and conservation champions for the Steamboat Creek watershed and recognize it as a sanctuary for wildlife, plants, and people. While the recent protections identify wild steelhead as the preeminent beneficiary, Frank also discovered that spending time fly fishing along the river in this area acted as therapy for PTSD induced by his service in World War II.

Located in the northeastern portion of Oregon’s Umpqua River basin, the Steamboat Creek Steelhead Sanctuary is a 99,000-acre area that Conservation Alliance funding helped protect earlier this year.
This is the first video in our six-part success story series called #OurWildFuture. Visit conservationalliance.com/video/  to learn more.
Video by Uncage the Soul Productions