Defend Alberta’s Parks

Bleriot Ferry, Alberta Photo: CPAWS
Defend Alberta’s Parks
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society – Southern Alberta
Calgary, AB

We have awarded a $25,000 grant from our Public Lands Defense Fund to Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society’s Southern Alberta Chapter (CPAWS) to address a new proposal by the Government of Alberta to close 40% of Alberta’s provincial parks (175 park units), which accounts for about 40,000 acres and includes 4,493 public campsites. The Government of Alberta stated they are interested in transferring/selling these public lands to private interests. CPAWS will use our funding to ensure all parks threatened by this proposal are kept within the park system; to ensure public park lands are not sold or transferred without formal public input; and to ensure the public is not excluded from decisions that impact Alberta’s parks.  CPAWS will work with the public, the conservation and recreation communities, and outdoor companies to amplify support for Alberta’s parks and put pressure on the government to keep Alberta’s parks intact.
For more info, visit the CPAWS Fact Sheet and an article by our favorite Canadian conservation news source, The Narwhal.