Success Story 2021

Deer Run Nature Preserve Phase 2

Photo: Sam Farwell
Deer Run Nature Preserve Phase 2
Green Mountain Conservancy
626 acres protected

With tremendous support from its local community, including many individual donors, Green Mountain Conservancy added 626 acres to the 913-acre Deer Run Nature Preserve in Vermont. The preserve spans both sides of the Putney Mountain Ridge and includes 2.5 miles of undeveloped shoreline along the West River. It also contains substantial grasslands managed for both wildlife and feed hay, unique Southern Appalachian broadleaf forests, Northern broadleaf forests, and nutrient rich floodplain forests found only on a small number of rivers in Vermont. 

The preserve incorporates the southern reach of the Putney Mountain Ridge, serving to connect large unfragmented tracts of lands along the ridge to the North, to the West River and ultimately to lands further west. Located in Windham County, where the towns of Brookline, Dummerston, and Newfane meet, Deer Run Nature Preserve is an asset to both the community and the local wildlife.