Success Story 2021

Skookum II Acquisition

Photo: Rich Bowers
Skookum II Acquisition
Whatcom Land Trust
1,000 acres protected

Skookum Creek is the largest cold-water tributary to the South Fork of the Nooksack River in northern Washington. Its cold, clear water provides salmon habitat, water for agriculture, and the riparian habitat surrounding Skookum Creek prevents sediment flow into the creek and keeps its water clean for both human and wildlife use. 

In 2020, we awarded the Whatcom Land Trust a grant to help acquire 1,000 acres of riparian forest and uplands, as well as two miles of upper Skookum Creek. The acquisition was completed in June 2021, building upon the success of the first phase of the Skookum project in 2019 and bringing the total protected acreage to more than 2,400. 

This purchase of Skookum II helps connect more than 4,000 contiguous acres, improving biodiversity, watershed health, climate resilience, landscape connectivity, and recreation in the Upper South Fork Nooksack River Basin.