Success Story 2020

Long Lake Land Exchange

Long Lake, CO Photo: Crested Butte Land Trust
Long Lake Land Exchange
Crested Butte Land Trust
750 acres protected

Long Lake is a local treasure in the Gunnison Valley near Crested Butte, Colorado. In collaboration with other organizations, Crested Butte Land Trust utilized our funding to protect 750 acres of land and water, including Long Lake, Copley Lake and private property near the Fossil Ridge Wilderness. Copley Lake and Fossil Ridge properties, both formerly in private ownership, are now a part of the Gunnison National Forest, exchanged for land trust ownership and protection of Long Lake.
While the northern shore of Long Lake will be managed for sustainable recreation use, the surrounding area provides wildlife habitat and key agricultural corridors. The southern slope of Long Lake is a crucial corridor for elk and deer migration, and the land trust will work to protect the area and keep it wild.