Success Story 2020

Wallowa Lake’s East Moraine

Aerial view of the town of Joseph, Oregon, with Wallowa Lake and the Wallowa Mountains in the background. Photo: Leon Werdinger
Wallowa Lake’s East Moraine
Wallowa Land Trust
1,791 acres protected

The East Moraine of Wallowa Lake connects the town of Joseph to the stunning Eagle Cap Wilderness area in Northeast Oregon. In collaboration with other organizations, Wallowa Land Trust used our funding to acquire and protect 1,791 acres of the East Moraine of Wallowa Lake from any future development or sub-divisions. The East Moraine property was transferred to Wallowa County to be managed as a sustainable working community forest, protecting native plants, wildlife habitat, and cultural resources while providing opportunities for non-motorized recreation. This ancient landscape is sacred to the Nez Perce people, who have inhabited the Wallowa Valley since time immemorial. The Nez Perce Tribe was a key partner in making this project possible.