Success Story 2022

Spence Mountain

Spence Mountain
Photo: Courtesy of Klamath Trails Alliance / Michael Giammusso
Spence Mountain
The Trust for Public Land

In November 2022, the Trust for Public Land and its partners, Klamath County and the Klamath Trails Alliance, finalized the acquisition of Spence Mountain. This 7,500-acre area in southern Oregon includes forestland that rises to 5,800 feet along the Upper Klamath Lake and is located near Winema National Forest, and Mountain Lakes and Sky Lakes Wilderness Areas within the Klamath Basin. The property provides habitat for black tail deer, redband trout, and other critical wildlife.

Spence Mountain, originally part of a larger forest block that was managed primarily for timber production, was at risk for development. Realizing the high recreational use of the area, the owner allowed the Klamath Trails Alliance to build public trails on the property for mountain biking, hiking, walking, and wildlife viewing, and worked with the Trust for Public Land and its partners to conserve the land for future generations.

As a result of the acquisition, Klamath County will own the land and the Klamath Trails Alliance will expand and maintain the trail network, which now has over 47 miles of trails. The acquisitions of this property will expand public access for recreation, strengthen the local economy, and help improve health outcomes. The property will also include a sustainability timber management plan to increase resilience and mitigate future fire risk.