Success Story 2020

Temperance Flat Dam

Photo: Darin McQuoid
Temperance Flat Dam
American Whitewater
One dam halted

In 2018, we awarded American Whitewater funding to protect 18 miles of the San Joaquin River in California threatened by the proposed Temperance Flat Dam. We are pleased to report that the Temperance Flat Dam is indefinitely on hold due to the outrageous project costs, and that permanent damage to the landscape, wildlife and delicate habitat has been averted. With this new success, we mark the 36th dam that Conservation Alliance grantees have helped stop or remove.

This segment of river was specifically called out by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for addition to the Wild and Scenic Rivers System in 2014, but the dam proposal put the effort to protect the river on hold. Over 85,000 people visit the San Joaquin River Gorge every year to enjoy its outstanding scenery, use its extensive trail system, paddle the river’s rapids, and camp in public campgrounds. Additionally, it provides critical regional recreation opportunities for nearby communities. The path is now clear for continued efforts to designate the San Joaquin River Gorge as Wild and Scenic, and permanently protect the remarkable cultural, recreational and natural wonders found within this spectacular gorge once and for all.