Success Story 2020

Castle Crags Wilderness Acquisition

Photo: Cory Poole
Castle Crags Wilderness Acquisition
The Wilderness Land Trust
637 acres protected

In September 2019, we funded The Wilderness Land Trust (WLT) to acquire and protect 637 acres of private land within the Castle Crags Wilderness in northern California. With the recent acquisition complete, the last remaining threat of private development within the Castle Crags Wilderness is eliminated forever.
This acquisition ensures that public access for climbing, hiking, running, fishing, hunting, camping and horseback riding is preserved, and vital habitat for flora and fauna is permanently protected. The surrounding wilderness provides critical habitat for Pacific marten, blue ribbon trout, black bears, an emerging wolf population and the endemic Castle Crags harebell wildflower.

This project builds on a WLT 2018 success that was funded by The Conservation Alliance in 2013. The previous grant facilitated the acquisition and transfer of 1,257 acres to the Shasta-Trinity National Forest adjacent the Castle Crags Wilderness.

In June 2021, the parcel was transferred the U.S. Forest Service. It currently managed as wilderness, creating a unified protected landscape for future generations to discover and enjoy.