Outstanding Member Awards: Eagles Nest Outfitters & Wild South

Upper Bald River, TN Photo: Bill Hodge

Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO), located in Ashville, North Carolina was nominated by Conservation Alliance grantee, Wild South, for their outstanding efforts to be the conservation in the South Eastern United States.  ENO has been an outstanding partner of Wild South for many years and the two organizations share a very special common ground; their mutual passion and respect for protection our last wild places.

ENO not only recognizes that protecting places for their customers to recreate means their products are more widely used, but their personal beliefs and passions also reflect Wild South’s mission – inspire people to ENJOY, VALUE and PROTECT.

ENO has been instrumental in creating and implementing a social media campaign, “Wild South Wednesday”, which has successfully engaged customers and retailers with the work of Wild South.

ENO also provides financial and in-kind support to Wild South, helping to fund and promote their conservation work across the South.  This year, ENO and Wild South are working on a design for a special edition Wild South hammock. These hammocks will be purchased by retailer supports and $10 from every hammock is donated to Wild South.

Through their many actions, ENO is an all-around supporter of Wild South. Their participation, leadership and support has opened new doors for Wild South to build coalitions of support for wild lands protection.

As a new member of the Conservation Alliance, ENO nominated Wild South for funding, which led to the award of a $25,000 Conservation Alliance grant for the Tennessee Wild Campaign.  When successful, this campaign will add 20,000 acres of Wilderness to Eastern Tennessee.

ENO understands the important role they play in protecting Southern landscapes. ENO recognizes their headquarters being in Asheville, NC places them as THE leader for advocating for the South. ENO firmly stands to lead and rally their partners, retailers and associates to support the Southern Appalachians, a place dear to the hearts of their staff and customers. This makes a MAJOR impact on the work of Wild South.  ENO stand alone as THE major advocate and supporter for Southern wild places and wild things.

Photo Credit: Bill Hodge