Outstanding Partnership Award Series: Black Diamond Committed to Protecting the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

Photo: Greater Yellowstone Coalition

 Earlier this month, we announced the winners of our Outstanding Partnership award. The award recognizes member companies who go above and beyond in building relationships with Conservation Alliance grantees. TheGreater Yellowstone Coalition is one of two grantees who nominated Black Diamond as an outstanding partner.

“Black Diamond has supported the work of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition for nearly a decade and has gone above and beyond the typical corporate sponsor relationship.  In fact, Black Diamond far exceeds other companies we have partnered with in its passion, commitment, and deep appreciation of measures needed to help a non-profit organization such as ours exceed in carrying out its mission.

In 2007, Black Diamond CEO Peter Metcalf was the keynote speaker at the GYC Annual Meeting.  As a high caliber, professional speaker, Peter drew hundreds of GYC members from around the country to attend and learn about emerging science and best ways to help protect the lands, waters, and wildlife of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

In addition to providing financial support, Black Diamond continues to help GYC meet its mission by helping us succeed in a variety of ways:

  • Black Diamond has hosted events at their headquarters to promote the Greater Yellowstone Coalition and recruit community members from Salt Lake City as supporters of GYC.
  • Black Diamond has pitched GYC membership to employees, asking them to support GYC and offering matching donations to those who sign up.
  • Black Diamond has supported employees as volunteers for running events in Jackson, Wyoming. In such activities, runners selected GYC as the recipient of any funds accumulated, again helping GYC in new and innovative ways.
  • Black Diamond regularly donates products to our silent auctions, benefiting both our supporters and the mission of the organization.
And all of this is in addition to what Black Diamond does as a Conservation Alliance partner, helping fund the conservation work of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition as well as other conservation organizations across the nation. We are in awe of their commitment to organizations such as ours, and we cannot say enough about our appreciation of their partnership and their vision for a better future in conservation.”