Take Action Tuesday: Patagonia Partners With Bodie Hills Conservation Partnership for a Day of Stewardship

Bodie Hills, CA Photo: John Dittli

A unique partnership between the Bureau of Land Management, the Bridgeport Indian Colony, Bodie Hills Conservation Partnership and employees from Patagonia in Reno, NV, resulted in a cleanup project at an old shooting range adjacent to Travertine Hot Springs in Bridgeport, CA. .

On May 22, volunteers from Patagonia’s Reno, Nevada Service Center helped clean up the area off Jack Sawyer Road. The area was littered with shell casings, old targets and trash. “This is what the power of partnership is capable of,” said Jeff Hunter of the Bodie Hills Conservation Partnership. “This is a project that the BLM and the Bridgeport Indian Colony had been hoping to address for quite some time. With volunteers from Patagonia, and leadership from the project partners, we’ll be able to make a big difference in half a day.”

Staff members from Friends of the Inyo (FOI) and Trout Unlimited (TU) helped provide leadership at the site. Both TU and FOI are members of the Bodie Hills Conservation Partnership.

The video below tells the story!

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