Nationwide Coalition of 100 Outdoor Companies Rally in Support of National Monuments on Anniversary of the Antiquities Act

June 7, 2024 – In celebration of the 118th anniversary of the Antiquities Act, a collective force of over 100 outdoor and outdoor-adjacent businesses from around the country have signed on to the Mobilizing for Monuments Pledge (M4M Pledge), a commitment to safeguarding our public lands through the designation and expansion of national monuments. The effort is spearheaded by The Conservation Alliance and Mobilizing for Monuments, a coalition uniting businesses that believe safeguarding our public lands is not only essential for environmental conservation but also for the prosperity of our economy, preservation of culture, and way of life.

The Conservation Alliance and Mobilizing for Monuments campaign are urging the Biden Administration to protect more than three million acres of public land across the country by expanding and designating national monuments (find their letter of commitment sent to the Biden Administration and Congress here). The Antiquities Act empowers presidents to designate national monuments, ensuring the safeguarding of significant natural, cultural, or scientific sites. 

Since this historic legislation was passed in 1906, 18 presidents including 9 Democrat and 9 Republican, have used the Antiquities Act to protect nearly 160 historical, archeological, and public spaces. Many iconic landscapes were first protected under the Antiquities Act, such as Grand Canyon National Park (1908), Great Sand Dunes National Park (1932), and most recently, the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument Expansion (2024). 

From the outdoor industry to brewing, sportsmen, and  small mom-and-pop retailers, the businesses that have signed the Mobilizing for Monuments pledge represent a wide range of industries that all rely on the outdoors for their bottom line. National Monuments are one of the most effective ways to permanently protect public lands. The support of these companies underscore the vital role of national monuments in fostering a $1.1 trillion outdoor recreation economy. 

“Businesses continue to provide a critical voice in the protection of our outdoor spaces and wild places. The Conservation Alliance is thrilled to see companies from Maine to Alaska standing up for national monuments. These 100 pledges are a testament to the importance of permanent public lands protection and equitable access to nature for the business bottom line”. – Shoren Brown, Vice President, Public Affairs – The Conservation Alliance

“KEEN is a family-owned and values-led shoemaking brand that understands the importance of protecting wild places and outdoor spaces not just for people and the planet, but also for our bottom line. We’re thrilled to be part of the Mobilizing for Monuments coalition of like-minded, forward-thinking brands dedicated to supporting grassroots led conservation.” – Kirsten Blackburn, Director – KEEN Effect

“National Monuments are more than just public lands. They tell the story of our country and its many communities.  They protect our most precious ecosystems and provide world class recreation destinations where people make memories that last a lifetime. The Antiquities Act is one of our country’s greatest conservation tools and today REI Co-op celebrates the foresight of leaders on both sides of the aisles who have bestowed our country with all the gifts National Monuments bring. We are proud to continue the call to support Tribal leaders and local communities in their work to protect more of our precious places as National Monuments.” – Alicia Harvie, Government Affairs, REI Co-op

“The Antiquities Act is a tool to protect Tribal lands, places of cultural importance, and diverse ecosystems critical for climate resilience, along with the public lands that provide basic infrastructure for outdoor recreation,” said Hans Cole, Vice President of Environmental Activism at Patagonia. “Not only do public lands power the $1.1 trillion outdoor recreation economy and support millions of jobs, but national monuments also significantly boost the economies of communities nearby by attracting tourists and people seeking adventure.”

“The Antiquities Act is one of the most important tools we have to provide greater protections for public land and water in America. National monuments are enormously valuable to the outdoor recreation community, and many of our country’s most prized National Parks and public lands began as national monuments. As representatives for millions of outdoor recreation users across America, Outdoor Alliance strongly supports the Antiquities Act and is grateful for the many national monuments where our community hikes, skis, camps, mountain bikes, climbs, paddles, and explores.” – Tania Lown-Hecht, VP of Communications and Strategy, Outdoor Alliance

“The Nuestra Tierra Conservation Project thanks the Biden-Harris Administration for their leadership in protecting some of our nation’s most iconic and intact landscapes. The proper protection of places like Castner Range National Monument, Avi-Kwa-Ame National Monument, and Baaj Nwaavjo I’tah Kukveni – Ancestral Footprints of the Grand Canyon National Monument will ensure that frontline communities have the opportunity to find solace, comfort, and equitable access to the outdoors. These monument designations recognize just how intertwined our public lands and the environment are with issues centered around justice, race, and equity. As an organization born on the border, Nuestra Tierra is proud to support the Mobilizing for Monuments coalition and looks forward to the future protection of critical, cultural landscapes.” – Ángel Peña, Executive Director, Nuestra Tierra Conservation Project

In the face of escalating pressures on our natural landscapes, from resource exploitation and the undeniable impacts of climate change, there has never been a more urgent call to action for the preservation of our nation’s treasures. National monuments stand as bastions of protection, offering unparalleled opportunities for recreation, conservation, and economic growth.

Businesses signing onto the M4M Pledge are not only stewards of the outdoors, but they stand united in their commitment to protecting wild places and outdoor spaces, and preserving the legacy of the Antiquities Act. 

About Mobilizing for Monuments:

Mobilizing for Monuments is a coalition of businesses dedicated to advocating for the protection of national monuments. Founded in 2023, the coalition brings together companies from diverse sectors to amplify the importance of preserving public lands for the benefit of both people and nature. The Biden Administration has the opportunity to protect millions of acres via the Antiquities Act. 

About The Conservation Alliance:

The Conservation Alliance is a coalition of over 270 like-minded member companies who pool resources to fund and advocate for the protection of North America’s cherished wild places and outdoor spaces. Through the collective power of their membership – companies from a range of industries from outdoor industry to brewers, bankers, sportsmen, and renewable energy – take bold steps to conserve wild public lands and waters. Since 1989, we’ve awarded over $31.9 million in grants and helped protect over 82 million acres and 4,570 river miles, remove or halt 38 dams, purchase 22 climbing areas and designate five marine reserves.

Media Contact: Lilly Zoller, Director of Communications, The Conservation Alliance: