BLM Public Lands Rule

Bureau of Land Management Public Lands Rule
BLM Public Lands Rule
Conservation Lands Foundation
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The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) manages 245 million acres of public lands. Only 15% of BLM lands have permanent protections from development and other detrimental uses. Over two years ago, a small coalition assembled to support the administration’s goal of infusing conservation into all BLM decision making, in line with 30×30 and America the Beautiful goals. The coalition was ultimately successful and in March 2023, BLM proposed a Public Lands Rule that would ensure the agency prioritizes a management framework that promotes conservation amongst its other core uses.

If it is adopted, the proposed rule would aid in better management of public lands, waters, and wildlife, particularly for communities across the West that are facing historic droughts, storms, and wildfires. It would also direct BLM to collaborate more closely with communities and Tribes in resource management and the development of critical minerals. The proposed rule will encourage more consistent use of tools like Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACECs) and conservation leases to secure more durable protections of our nation’s most cherished lands. Ultimately, the rule will elevate conservation and increase access to outdoor recreation. The proposed rule was published in March 2023 and the updated draft rule is expected in September. A final version is projected for Spring 2024. Over the next few months, Conservation Lands Foundation (CLF) will serve as one of the team leads to help garner public support for the proposed rule, engage with Tribes in the rulemaking process, and ensure that the White House and relevant agencies are aware of the breadth of public support behind this shift.