Winter 2024 Grant Cycle

Doman Place
Photo: Mark Darnell

Nominations are now open for the Winter 2024 Member Directed grant cycle, and this time we’re keeping nominations open a little longer. The nominations period for the Winter 2024 cycle will be open from October 2 – November 15, 2023. Organizations will still receive the same amount of time to complete their applications once the Request for Proposals are released on November 16th.

Nominating a conservation group to apply for funding is a simple process that involves filling out a short form with the contact information of an organization you think is doing impactful conservation work. Member companies do not need to nominate a specific project, only the organization. This process helps highlight important conservation efforts, helps us find new groups, and is a great way for grassroots organizations and our members to form relationships that can amplify each other’s work.

For our member directed grant cycles, we ask each member company to nominate up to two organizations to apply for funding. Only those organizations that receive a nomination are invited to apply for funding. Nominations kick off an application process that could lead to a $50,000 grant for a grassroots group working to protect a wild place or outdoor space in North America.

Once you have identified an organization whose work may meet our funding criteria, please submit your nomination. The deadline to submit your nominations is November 15, 2023. Click here for examples of the types of projects we fund. If you are a current member company and have not received the nomination form or if you have questions about our process, please contact Kim Paymaster.

We will formally invite each nominated organization to submit a grant request for The Conservation Alliance funding. Here’s the complete list of important dates in this grant cycle:

Nomination deadline: November 15, 2023
Proposal deadline: December 13, 2023
Board and staff grant review period: Dec 2023-Jan 2024
Member company voting period: February 2024
Grant announcement: March 2024
Grant Term: April 1, 2024 – March 31, 2025